Are You Talking to Me?

An Installation that reveals the useless flow of communication which runs daily through the internet.

ARE  YOU  TALKING  TO  ME    is  an  installation  that  reveals  the  useless  flow  of  communication  which  runs  daily  through  the  internet.  All  the  twitter  messages  printed-out by the installation were considered irrelevant already by their sender, expresses through the hashtag #WHOCARES. The pile of printing paper symbolizes the waste of energy and effort consumed by this useless information.
Everybody has something to say, everybody wants to add their opinion, but who is actually listening on the other side? Nowadays communication is unilateral - you don’t really know anymore who are the receptors of your message. It could be one person, or one million people at once. We  want  to  fill  our  lack  of  attention  by  expressing  ourselves  on  the  web,  but  most  of  the  time,  what  is  happening is that you are just talking to yourself.
Through the experience of typing a message, watching it being printed, going down to the floor and getting subsequently  drowned  in  all  the  other  messages,  we  want  to  raise  your  attention,  and  maybe  make  you  realize that all this communication is useless, and a waste of time.
In the installation, an online bot is collecting all Twitter messages containing the hashtag #whocares. It is possible to enter a twitter message directly here in the gallery, on the Mac computer. On the large screens, an ongoing list of all collected messages is displayed. The printer prints out all the twitter messages on the list. Once printed, the message disappears from the list, and ends up in the big pile of irrelevant messages.
Project done by Anna Brinnand, Angeles Jacobi, Cecile Ducourant, Carlos Serrano
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