A real-time fulldome experience in Collaboration with Carlos P. Villamizar.

PENUMBRA is based on the idea of how the outside world can be seen from the inside of a machine. The philosophy behind is shaped by the synthesis of souls of spaces, living-off landscapes and the camera of the future.
A landscape is more than only mountain tops or seascapes. When descended to its depths, a landscape is subjectively the synthesis of emotions, inspirations, light and its illusions, details and textures. It is where the souls are being surrounded to tell the memories of our living lands. In short, it is an intense and comprehensive overall spatial experience to the existing world.
PENUMBRA is designed to demonstrate an immersive trip to the souls of the landscapes, get inside them to interact with its particles, and coming out by admiring the analog spaces in a digital manner. This audiovisual, live act installation is created specifically for a fulldome environment to make people see the living lands through a machine by floating around their dynamic data.

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