Quantasonics: frozen sonic narratives

Installation & Live Act presented at MONOPOL Berlin

Quantasonics is unique encounter between sound, space and ice. A peek into frozen sonic narratives that embrace the chaotic nature of life and reduce movement to its bare minimum. It offers you time and space to be in communal silence, free from distractions, and immersed in sound.

Taking place at Monopol Berlin, a unique spatial sound performance unfolds as you hear the sound of ice forming, transforming and informing space. Listening with your whole body, you encounter and influence the sonic exchange between recordat’s artists, a sphere of melting ice and the brick walls of the Bunker.

Recordat's carefully constructed spatial sound system works together with the architecture of the space to create an immersive sound experience of reverberations, resonances and spatial reflections.

"Everything we do is music... Everyone is in the best seat"

_John Cage

Presented and produced by: Recordat [https://www.recordat.net/] - Monopol Berlin [https://www.monopol-berlin.com/]

Project made in TouchDesigner & Ableton Live

Sound: Basel Nouri, Ibrahim Owais, Ahmad Barakat

Lights & Laser: Carlos Serrano

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